Uniview Security Lab
Uniview Security Lab

In the past few years, the security industry has developed from the analog era in which closed small bureaus are typical application scenarios to a digital era in which metropolitan area and large network connection are the typical application scenarios. Now IP network load is the basic state, so security has become an important proposition in the next stage of video surveillance industry.

As the pioneer of IP monitoring solutions, Uniview has always concerned a lot about security problem in product development and design. We are willing to share our understanding of the architecture of the security system and solutions with users and partners at the first time, so as to provide users with a secure video monitoring system.

Security is a systematic work. In order to find out the hidden danger lies in the basic security protection system, it’s important to insist on finding out and fixing vulnerabilities. Uniview hopes to cooperate with professional IT security companies and IT security researchers to continuously improve the information security level of security monitoring system.

It is a long way to establish a stable, reliable and sustainable security system. With an open attitude, we sincerely hope to cooperate through various platforms and channels. In terms of organizational process, management standards, technical standards and other aspects, we would like to cooperate with peers in the video surveillance industry to face the threats and challenges and protect the information security in video surveillance industry.

No matter you are a user, a professional IT security company or an IT security researcher, if you have any suggestions, consultations, or asking for help about network security, you are welcomed to contact Uniview Security Lab at [email protected].

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