Success Cases
Uniview aids in providing a safe living environment for Razeen worker’s accommodation

Abu Dhabi is a famous industrial city in the UAE where a huge number of laborers live. In order to provide convenience for workers, a 640,000 square meter purpose-built worker accommodation project in Razeen is under construction. It can house up to 100,000 laborers.

Having solved the problem of workers' accommodation, how to ensure the security of Razeen worker’s accommodation became a new problem. In addition to large-scale residential areas, each compound consists of many public facilities such as a shopping center, restaurants, entertainment, a mosque, and landscaped recreation areas.

Unidentified people in and out, wide accommodation area, numerous public places are all potential safety hazards. The Razeen worker’s accommodation chose Uniview to deliver a complete surveillance solution which solved their security challenges. The Uniview solution included over 1200pcs UNV IP cameras, multiple UNV NVR516 for management and storage, and 2 sets of all-in-one VMS - Unicorn, one is for the central management, and the other is for hot spare.

Powerful VMS server: Unicorn is a smart integrated surveillance platform which has video input, storage, transfer and device management functions designed specifically for IP surveillance applications. It supports up to 1000 channels in one server and 14 HDMI outputs with decode cards for video wall display. With hot standby server, central backup and RAID, Unicorn guarantees the reliability of the video surveillance system.

Strong storage and decoding capability: UNV NVR516 is able to provide 16 HDD slots standalone, and can reach 48 HDD slots when attached with two disk enclosures. The decoding capability of NVR516 can reach up to 112-ch HD video output, which totally meets the need in the control center of the camp.

Smart functions: UNV IP cameras cover the public areas in the whole camp. Multiple smart functions such as face detection, intrusion detection, and people counting, etc, help users to better manage the situation at any time. Additionally, when users doing playback, the event record and smart search functions could be used to improve efficiency.

Uniview is a leading global manufacturer of professional video surveillance devices and solutions. It committed to meeting different market requirements and creating value for customers.

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