Solution Background

Hospital is an open space, where there are a large number of patients, visitors, and staff. Working areas and open areas in hospital are mixed, which makes it very difficult to guarantee safety in hospital. As a result, video surveillance devices and systems applied in a hospital surveillance system must comply with different scenarios in hospital, such as emergency rooms, outpatient areas, etc.

Uniview has been working on the video surveillance industry for many years and has accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge. Uniview is devoted to help security guards respond quickly when accidents happen around the hospital, and is able to provide comprehensive healthcare video surveillance solutions.

Challenges and Solutions


  • The contradiction between open space and public security
  • Need a comprehensive security platform
  • Difficult to respond quickly to emergency in hospital
  • High cost of data center, difficult maintenance
  • Require video record safety and system robustness


  • 7*24 no-blind zones HD video surveillance customized for different scenarios
  • Integrate with third party security subsystem, including the alarm host and access controller
  • Abundant VMS functions help to quickly locate emergencies
  • Advanced NGN architecture, more reliable and efficient
  • VMS 1+1 failover, IP storage N+1 failover, video record ANR

Hospital Scenarios

Solution Topology

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