Shopping Mall
Shopping Mall

Solution Background

A shopping mall has one or more buildings form a complex of shops representing merchandisers with interconnecting walkways. In recent years, more and more large-scale shopping malls have been built all over the world. In shopping centers, there are complex conditions and different people, video surveillance is responsible for pre-emptive prevention, emergency handling, and post-examination. A complete video surveillance system can help people solve most security problems and reduce investment in human security.

Uniview has been dedicating to surveillance industry for years, and UNV shopping mall video surveillance solutions have been delivered to lots of famous shopping mall. From those projects we have summarized some useful experience and knowledge. Therefor we can better protect the property of customers and businesses in shopping centers.

Solution Overview


  • Shoplifting, robbery, transaction disputes
  • Need to quickly locate & inspect emergency
  • Unbalanced security staff arrangement and poorly system maintenance
  • High cost of data center and labor


  • Full-time HD monitoring without blind spot secures shopping environments
  • Easy-to-use & Integrated VMS
  • Advanced NGN architecture for easy maintenance
  • High reliability and cost-effective design for IP storage device

Shopping Mall Scenarios

Solution Topology

Successful Cases

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